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Easy Methods To Resolve HP Printer Driver Unavailable Issue

It often happens that people try to print out something from their printer and it starts showing the HP Printer Driver Unavailable error. Although, it’s a very common error and can be solved easily just by applying a few steps, sometimes it may irritate you more. 

Don’t worry, you are having one of the best printers of the decade. Actually, you are not the only one who is dealing with the issue of Hp printer Driver Is Unavailable”.  As we have told you, it’s very often to face it and that is why we have come up with this guide in which we will tell you all the methods to resolve the issue by yourself. 

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How Do I Fix HP Printer Driver Unavailable Issue?

If your HP Printer Says Driver Is Unavailable then it can be solved easily by two methods which we have given below. You just have to follow each and everything in the given order: 

  • Reinstall Your Printer Driver 
  • Install All Available Window Updates

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Reinstall Your hp Printer Driver

One of the common reasons behind the issue of Hp Printer Driver Unavailable is an incompatible or corrupt driver. To resolve the issue you just have to reinstall your driver which is one of the easiest ways. 

  • To invoke the run box, you just have to press the window logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard. 
  • You will then see a search box, type there devmgmt.msc and then click on the OK button. 
  • On your printer, find and right-click and hence uninstall the device. 
  • Now, you have to download the latest printer driver on your computer. We would like to suggest that you download drivers easily. It is because it will save you time and effort as well. 
  • Download the driver easily to your computer system for the purpose of HP Printer Driver Download. Open the file and install it by following all the instructions given on the screen. 
  • Let the driver easily scan your computer and it will show you all the available driver updates that are necessary. 
  • You just have to click on update all to download all the necessary drivers so that you will not face similar issues even in your life. 
  • Make sure that you are having a good internet connection. 
  • Now, restart your printer and the computer and then check if the issue of HP Printer Driver Unavailable got resolved or still there. 
  • If the issue is still there then jump to the next step. 

Install All Available Window Updates

Do you remember the last time you updated your computer window? That is the only reason why you are dealing with this issue. Below we have provided you with easy methods with the help of which you can easily update your computer window. 


1 How To Install Updates On Windows 10

For the same, you just have to type update in the start menu. From there check all the available updates. Click on the update and let it install properly. It may take some time so don’t hurry anything. 

As soon as you will find that window is now updated properly, restart your computer system and then try to print something out of it. 

2 How To Install Updates On Windows 7

To check for the updates on windows 7 you just have to go to the search box and type their updates. Click on “check for updates” after then click on “install updates”. This process may take some time, wait for some time, and then restart your computer after the update will get completed. Now, try to print something and check if the issue of HP Printer Driver Unavailable got resolved or not. 

hp Printer Customer Support Number For HP Printer Problems

Above, we have only discussed one hp printer issue but there are many others which may irritate you. It’s almost impossible to cover all the hp printer issues in these small words. Hence, we would like to suggest you, call us on our HP Printer Helpline Number that is round the clock available. 

We have a team of dedicated technicians who have years of experience and they will resolve any issue related to HP printers in a few minutes. In just two rings they will pick your call and ask you about the issue. The way they treat their customers, you will find no one like them. 

Moving forward, let’s have a look at other HP Printer Problems apart from hp Printer Driver Unavailable

Hp Printer Paper Jam Issue

Hp Printer Paper Jam Issue

If you are dealing with the Hp printer paper jam issue then open the printhead of the printer and check if there is any piece of paper stuck inside it. If yes, then try to take it out with both of your hands slowly. Don’t try to take it out forcefully, it may harm your printer. 

Apart from this, make sure that you are using good quality printing papers and of accurate size. 

Faded Printing Pages

It is one of the most common issues of HP Printers in which a person will get faded print. To resolve the issue, make sure that your printer is not getting low on toner, you didn’t set the print density to low or you haven’t turned on Economode. 

Hence, your printer should not low on toner, turn off the Economode, set the density too high. This will help to resolve your issue. 

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In this case, what usually happens is, the printer starts printing a lighter copy of the page somewhere else. The reason behind the issue could be your power outlet. Yes, check the power cable of the printer or the power outlet. Apart from this, it may be possible that your imaging kit or the drums need to be replaced. 

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