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Hp Printer is Offline How To Fix? We know that this question is banging in your head like anything. If your Hp Printer is offline then you must check your available internet connection. A faulty network connection is one of the main reasons why your printer has stopped working.

The thing is, offline issues in printers are very common and could be fixed easily. You just need to apply some troubleshooting methods that we are going to mention below.

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Hp Printer Is Offline How To Fix it?

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, it is very necessary to know why the Hp printer is offline. Below, we are going to let you know all the reasons before the problem so have a look.

  1. Loose cable connection
  2. Check the internet connection
  3. Update the Hp printer driver
  4. Make sure that your printer is in online mode now

Actually, it can’t be said clearly why your printer is in offline mode. It could be anything, from faulty wires to a bad internet connection. But, you don’t need to be worried about anything because we have already found some of the best troubleshooting methods for you.

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Quick Fixing Methods

To fix the Hp Printer Offline issue, check your available internet connection, connect all the cables properly, update the Hp printer driver, restart the Hp printer, and restart the router.

Once you repeat all these steps “Hp Printer Is Offline How To Fix” issues will be resolved completely.

Now, we are going to explain all the methods one by one until the issue will not be resolved.

1. Check Your Wifi Connection

In the very first place, you would need to check your wifi connection. It could be possible that your internet has stopped working and hence your HP Printer Says Offline.

Hence, you would need to check the internet connection and contact your network service providers if you found anything else.

2. Restart The Router

Restarting the router is one of the best ways to resolve any technical glitches. So, don’t think much, turn OFF the router, and remove the power plug from the wall outlet. After a while, reconnect the power cable and check if the internet has started working or not. This may fix the “Hp Printer Is Offline How To Fix” issue.

3. Verify All the Cable Connections

All the cables that have been connected to the router and Hp printer should be tightened properly. Several times, a loose cable connection could be responsible for the Hp printer’s offline error.

After checking the cable, if you have found any cables damaged then replace them with new ones.

For an immediate solution, dial the Hp Printer Helpline number anytime you want. This toll-free number is round-the-clock accessible.

4. Move Your Device Close to the Router

You may have positioned the Hp printer far from the router and this is why your hp printer showing offline. To fix this issue, you would need to move the Hp printer close to the router.

In addition to it, you would need to remove the devices like T.V, microwave, and baby monitors between the printer and router. All of these devices could be responsible for signal interference.

5. Hp Printer Driver Unavailable

An outdated Hp printer driver could also be responsible for why you are facing the “Hp Printer is Offline How To Fix”. This is why you would need to check the software version for your printer driver and update it if found outdated.

You can easily update the driver from the official website of the Hp printer. If you are a new user then you would need to create an official account first.

6. Restart the Printing Device

To restart your Hp printer, do follow all the steps that have been mentioned below:

  • Turn OFF the router.
  • Remove the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for at least 10-20 seconds and turn ON the router again.

Remove the Device From the Offline Mode

If you tried all the above-mentioned steps but still your Hp Printer Won’t Connect to WiFI then do check if it is in offline mode or not. For the same, do follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

  1. On your computer, open the “Control Panel”.
  2. Select the “Printers & faxes” option.
  3. Choose the Hp printer model that you are having currently.
  4. After selecting the printer model, click on “See What’s Printing”.
  5. Tap on “Use Printer Online” and the issue of “Hp printer is offline how to fix” will be resolved then.


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In this guide, we have told you everything that is required to resolve the issue of “Hp printer is Offline How To Fix”. Outdated internet connection could be responsible for the offline issue. So, do follow all the steps until your Hp printer will not be resolved. If you will face any kind of issue then dial the Hp Printer Helpline number now.

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