HP Printer Not Printing In Black

Let’s Troubleshoot The Issue Of HP Printer Not Printing In Black

It may sound a little bit awkward but we will ask you to check any 10 houses for the Printer. This is for sure that you will only find HP printers there. Why we are saying this is, for years Hp Printers had been serving us and now anyone can trust them blindly. As technology is evolving, a number of features have been added to the printer for the convenience of users. But, the one common problem that may trouble you is Hp Printer Not Printing In Black

Hey! Hey!!! Sit relaxed as we are going to tell you all the troubleshooting steps to resolve the concern of Hp Printer Not Printing In Black. In case, you are looking for any kind of tech support then call us on the given Hp printer Helpline Number today. 

Easy Methods To Resolve Hp Printer Not Printing In Black

If the HP Printer Not working properly then there could be several reasons before that and we are going to include them all below. 

1 Clean The Printhead

One of the major steps to resolve the issue is via cleaning the printhead of the printer. It may be possible that the nozzles have been clogged and that is why you are facing Hp Printer Not Printing In Black issue. Before cleaning the printhead make sure that you have placed some printing papers in the paper tray.

hp Printers Helpline 

2 Replace Cartridge with Low Ink level 

Today machines are working for us and we still are so lazy that we can’t even take care of them. There are people who don’t have the time to check if the ink levels are running on low ink levels or not. You will find a mark that will tell you that it’s time to refill the ink and one should replace the cartridge then. 

Printer users forget to refill ink and end up saying “my Hp Printer won’t print”. When you run the printer on an empty ink tank then the nozzles will get dry and sometimes you may have to pay more to repair them. 

The same steps are common for the people who are dealing with the issue of Hp Printer Not printing In Color. We would like to suggest they check their cartridge first and replace them on time. 

3 Use HP Printer’s Tool Option

If you follow the steps that have been given below then you will surely resolve the issue of Hp printer Not Working.  

Examine the Cartridge Ink

  1. Turn On your Hp Printer first. 
  2. Now, open up the cartridge panel of the printer 
  3. Replace empty ink cartridges with new ones or refill them.
  4. On the left corner of the printer’s screen, locate (-)
  5. Use the arrow keys and search the Tool option
  6. Click on the OK button
  7. You will then see the option to examine the ink cartridge levels easily. 

Hp Printer Not printing In Color

Self-Regulating Cleaning Tool 

  1. Use again the screen of the printer
  2. Get back to the tool option again as you have done via the above steps using (-)
  3. Now, open the tool option by clicking on the OK button
  4. Open the printhead cleaning option using the right arrow key
  5. Wait for some seconds as the printhead will take some time to clean itself 
  6. Soon after the process will be completed, you will get an automatic print copy to check if the issue of Hp Printer Not Printing In Black got resolved or not. 

Reinstall The Printer Driver

Even after applying all the steps that have been given above, if you are still facing the issue then it can only be solved via reinstalling the driver of the printer. For the same, you have to open the “Control Panel” first. Type “devices and printers”, and got to the “printers” option. Click on Uninstall the driver. 

Check for the drivers of the printer online and download it. Make sure to download the latest version only. Open the downloaded file and let it install properly. This is how you can reinstall the driver of the Hp printer quickly. 

Always Use Good Quality Of Ink

Just to save a few coins many times people have to pay in bundles and that’s true. Hence, we would like to suggest you use only fine quality Hp printer ink. In case, you don’t know the kind of ink you should use, call us now. 

hp Printers Helpline

Hp printer customer support number

Even though we have provided all the related information that is enough to resolve the concern of Hp Printer Not Printing In Black. In case, there is something that creates trouble for you then calls our technicians now. 

The team of dedicated technicians that we have will let you provide all the required information. With their new techniques and equipment, they will provide you with remote support. So, don’t waste your time and call now. 

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