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Easy Steps To Resolve The Issue Of HP Printer Not Printing

In the world of printers, the HP Printer is the one that gained so much popularity and trust among its users. For many years, HP printers are serving us, and as the technology evolves they also upgrade their printer version. But the thing is, people sometimes face one or another issue due to some reasons while using HP printers and one of them is HP Printer Not Printing.

Don’t worry, if you are also the one who is facing the same issue as we have researched and found an easy method to resolve “Printer Not Responding Hp”. 

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing?

Behind this issue, there could be many reasons, hence we first have to figure out what the real problem is. It may be possible that there is some problem with your printhead, router, or settings. Hence, we will resolve the issue by performing basic troubleshooting, updating the printer driver, Setting your printer as default, and Cancel all printer jobs. 

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Perform Basic Troubleshooting

Let’s start to troubleshoot the issue from basic steps as sometimes basic methods are enough to resolve the issue of “Printer Not Responding HP”. Hence, check everything between your printer and the computer. Make sure that all the USB cables are working properly. Clean your printer and computer’s USB socket and insert the cables again. Check if the printer starts printing again or not. 

Apart from that, turn your printer and the computer off and plug out all the wires. Clean the system properly and reinsert the cables. Turn the printer and the computer ON and check if the issue got resolved or is still the same. If you are still facing the issue then jump to the next method. 

Reinstall Or Update Printer Driver

We have solved many cases in which HP Printer Problems occur because of faulty drivers. Hence, you either have to reinstall the driver of the printer or have to update it to troubleshoot the HP Printer Not Printing Issue. One of the issue methods that will help you to do the same is Driver Easy. 

Download the Driver Easy to your computer and install it properly. It will automatically tell you if there is any available update. Click on the update and congratulation, you have solved the issue. If you want to resolve the issue in just two clicks then we would like to suggest you buy the Pro version of Driver Easy. 

  • Download the Driver Easy software and install it properly by following the instructions given on your screen. 
  • Now, open the driver easily and click on the “run” button. Don’t disturb the software till the time it will not scans the computer properly. 
  • Now, click on the Update button so as to download the latest software. If you want to update all the software then you can also click on the “update all” button. 
  • Let us tell you that with the help of the driver easy, you can also uninstall any driver. For the same you just have to follow the given steps: 

 a. Open the Driver easy software and click on “tools”. 

 b. Now, select Driver Install and then you will see a number of drivers. You can uninstall any driver you want. 

  Set Your Printer As Default 

Whenever you assign any task to your printer, it will automatically assign the task to the default printer unless and until you will not choose any other one. Hence, in other words, it can be said that your printer will not perform any task till the time you will not set it to the default or not select it to print manually. 

To set your HP printer as default, follow the steps that we have given below to resolve HP Printer Not Printing Issue

  1. To perform the action, you first have to press the Window Logo+R key at the same time. By doing this, the Run dialog box will be opened in which you have to write “control” and then click “enter”. This action will open the Control Panel, from where select the “drivers and printers”. 
  2. In the section of printers, click on HP Printer as the default printer and then click on OK. 
  3. When you will see a tick below the HP printers, it simply means that it is set as a default printer. 

Cancel All Jobs Of Printers

A stuck printer queue is another cause behind why your Printer not printing. Actually, the printer queue contains the failed printer jobs which are the reason why printers stop responding properly. If you will clear all the printer jobs then there are chances that the issue will get resolved. 

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Other HP Printer Problems

Apart from all the reasons that we have read above, we have also found some of the other Hp Printer problems that may create any hindrance in your path. Those common problems include HP Printer Not Printing In Black, HP Printer Not Printing In Color, HP Printer Problem With Printhead. 

Let’s move forward and resolve the issue one by one. 

1. HP Printer Not Printing In Black

If you are facing the issue of HP Printer Not printing In Black then it can be solved easily by following the steps given below. 

Check Ink Cartridge

Check the ink cartridge and replace the one which you found empty or has a low level of ink. Apart from that, be sure that you have placed the ink tank in its desired position. In any case, if you found that the vents are clogged then use a pin to clean up the clog. Apart from that, if you are using an old ink cartridge then try to replace it with the new one to resolve the issue. 

HP Printhead Problem

If the above steps don’t work for you then there is something not good with the printhead. Printers have this feature to clean the printhead automatically. But, it would be better if you do that manually,  with proper care. This will solve Hp Printer Problem With Printhead. 

2. HP Printer Not Printing In Color

If you are facing the issue of HP Printer Not Printing In color, then don’t worry, just relax and follow the steps given below. 

Check Ink Cartridge

Open the front cover of the printer and check if the ink tank is full or empty. If found empty then fill it with the color. In the case, the color tank is full then check if you have placed it properly or ink should not expired. We would like to suggest you buy only good quality ink only. 

Clean Printhead Of The Printer

To clean the print heads, press, and hold the power button, at the same time, press the Resume button 6 times. Now, release the power button which will allow the printer to clean print heads. Now, try to print any paper and check if the printer is working properly or not. 

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Support For HP Printer

If you have tried all the steps and are still facing the issue of HP Printer Not Printing then call on HP Printer Helpline Number now. The dedicated team of technicians will resolve the issue in a short period of time. 

They have years of experience and they can easily resolve all kinds of HP Printer Problems including HP Wireless Printer Setup, HP Printer Offline, HP Printer Driver Download, etc.

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