Hp Printer Not Responding

Hp Printer Not Responding: Causes And Troubleshooting Methods

Printers are really very useful in all of our lives. This is the only reason why there are a number of printer providers in the market today. When we asked the people about the printer they rely upon, they say only one name and that is Hp Printers. For years Hp printers has been serving us with their quality printing. Sometimes, due to one or other reasons printers start showing any kind of issues and the users end up complaining that Hp Printer Not responding properly. 

If you are also the one who came here just because your printer is not printing properly then you have come to the right place. 

We have researched and found all the main causes and proper treatment so that you can troubleshoot the issue by yourself easily. 

So stay focused and let us tell you a few steps to resolve the concern of Hp Printer Not printing

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Causes Behind Hp printer Not Responding

Before moving forward toward the solutions, it’s really very necessary to know the causes first. 

  • check the cables of the printer are connected properly or not
  • You have installed the printer wrongly 
  • The drivers of Hp printer are missing 
  • Empty paper tray 
  • The Paper tray got jammed 
  • Empty ink cartridge 
  • You have placed the cartridges improperly 

Printer Not Responding: Troubleshooting Steps

We have found one of the best ways with the help which you can easily troubleshoot the issue. It may be possible that the issue is related to hardware. 

  • The System Needs A Hardware Check

Always make sure that all the cables are connected well with the printers. Do one thing, turn off the printer and take out all the cables from it. 

Now, wait for some seconds and then insert the cables again. Check if there is any faulty cable. If found then replace it with the new one. 

  • Reboot Printer Spooler Program

Don’t know about the spooler? It’s a software program that is used to manage all kind of printer jobs which is sent to the server of the printer 

The interface of the spooler is designed in the way that it is used to delete or manage any print jobs that are being assigned to the printers. 

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It may be possible that you haven’t updated the spooler for a very long time or else you have to restart the system to resolve the concern of Hp printer Not Responding

  1. To launch it press Window+R together 
  2. In the dialog box, type services.msc 
  3. Click Ok 
  4. From the list of services, click on the print spooler 
  5. Now you have to click on the “stop” button 
  6. This will help you to disable all the print jobs 
  • Configure Correct Port

Have you checked if you have configured the printer to the wrong port or the right one? Yes, it is a very necessary step and you can’t skip that. 

To check the same, follow the steps that have been given below:

  • Go to the desktop and press window+S key together 
  • In the window panel, type “devices and printers” 
  • Right-click on the model of the printer
  • Go to its properties
  • Next to the printer’s location, check the box
  • Restart the printer 

How To Fix Printer Not Printing On Mac OS?

hp Printer Not Printing On Mac OS

If your Hp Printer Not Printing on Mac OS? Don’t worry, follow the steps given below and resolve the issue by yourself

  • Reset Network Connection

To reset the network connection, first, you have to turn the printer off and remove all the cables. wait for a while and then turn On the printer again. 

Now, you have to check the screen of the Hp printer. If the issue still persists then go to the desktop and click on the apple icon and you will then see the drop-down menu.

Click on “system preferences”, in a new window click on “print and scan”. 

You will then see a number of printers added in the queue. Now, you have to delete all the other printers by clicking on the “-” icon. 

Don’t worry, it will not delete the software. 

From the list of options, click on “+”, and then add your printer 

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