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If the question Why Hp Printer Offline is running in your head then you must check your internet connection. It may be possible that your wifi has stopped working. This is why your HP Printer is not online.

It is sometimes very difficult to find the main reason behind the issue. It could be possible that you have not set the printer as default, not configured the printer accordingly, or the cable connections are faulty.

In this guide, we are going to arrange all the steps that will help you to resolve the offline issue in the printer. For an immediate solution, dial the given Hp printer Helpline Number that is available 24*7.

Why Hp Printer Offline?

A plethora of reasons could be majorly responsible for why your HP Printer is Offline. It includes internet connectivity, loose cable connections, and an outdated printer driver. Here is the list of reasons that could be responsible for why HP Printer Not Printing and showing offline.

  1. Hp Printer is not set as the default printer.
  2. Wrong printer configuration.
  3. Bad internet connection.
  4. The printer is placed too far from the router
  5. All the cables are loosely connected.

If you need the expert’s help then dial the given toll-free Hp Printer Helpline Number now. Our team will resolve the issue of Why Hp Printer Offline.

How To Fix When an HP Printer Says Offline?

We have told you all the reasons Why Hp Printer Offline. Now, we will tell you a list of troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

1. Verify the Cable Connections

If you have found that your Hp Printer Is Offline, you must check all the cable connections properly. It could be possible that Hp Printer Not Responding because of a loose cable connection. Also, make sure that all the cables are in working condition and tightened well.

2. Check the Printer Offline Settings

If you are still worried about Why Hp Printer Offline then Check the offline setting of the printer. It could be possible that you have selected the wrong settings.

  • On your keyboard,  press the “windows+I” key to open the setting windows first.
  • Opening the tab of “printers and scanners” and then choosing a printer device.
  • From the list given there, choose your printer device and then select the option of “Open queue”. 
  • When the new window will be opened, uncheck the box “Use printer offline” to get your printer online again. 
  • Check if the issue why Hp Printer Is Offline fixed or not by giving the command to print something.

3. Set Hp Printer As Default Printer

After applying the above-given steps, if still, your HP Printer Won’t Print anything then set it as the default printer. It could be possible that you have not set the printer as the default one. This is why it is not printing anything because the given command is issued to the virtual printer instead of your Hp printer.

  • From the settings, open “printers and scanners”. 
  • Click the printer device and select the option of “open queue”. 
  • Tap on the printer and then set your Hp printer as the default printer.

4. Fix the Issue by Service Method

If your Hp printer is using the WSD, you can follow the below-given steps.

  • On your Hp printer, open the settings and choose “printers and scanners”.
  • From the printer device, choose the option of “open queue”.
  • To expand the list of options, click on the printer and choose the option of “properties” now. 
  • Open the “properties” tab and choose if the printer uses a WSD port or not. 

Your Hp printer is using the WSD port then do follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the “start menu” search for the services and select the best-suited result. 
  • Now, locate the option “Function Discovery Provider Host” and “Function Discovery Resource Publication”. 
  • Check the options for startup and status columns. 
  • Make sure that your status is not in running mode. If not, click right and select the option to start. 
  • Choose the startup type to automatic.

If still, you are worried about Why HP Printer Offline then dial the given Hp Printer Helpline Number now.

5. Create the Manual IP Connection

  • Open the “Network settings”, choose the “Network Setup” menu and then print a “network configuration page” to check if the issue of the HP Printer is Offline How to Fix resolved or not.
  • Now, you can also check the status if it is connected or not under the network connection type. 
  • If still your Printer Not Responding HP, then connect your printer to the wifi first. 

6. Reset the Hp Printer

After applying all the steps, if you have found that still Hp printer showing offline then reset it to the factory defaults.

Some Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Now, we are going to tell you some basic steps to make Hp Printer Online again.

1. Check your Internet Connection

It could be possible that your internet connection has stopped working. This is the reason Why Hp Printer Is Offline. Hence, you need to check if your wifi is working properly or not.

2. Move Printer Close to the Router

If your hp printer shows offline but is connected then move the printer close to the router. It could be possible that you have placed the printer far from the router. This is the reason why the Hp printer says its offline.

3. Restart the Hp Printer

Several times, you can fix the technical glitches with a quick restarting. So, restart the printer by removing the power cable from the wall outlet. Wait for a while and reconnect the power cable again. Turn ON the printer and try to print something out of it.


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A number of reasons could be responsible for Why Hp Printer Offline. In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps to make your Hp printer online again. If you need more help regarding this, dial the given toll-free Hp Printer Helpline Number now.

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